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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pray and you shall receive

Have you ever prayed for something and left it alone?  Well..I did.  When I was 23 years old  I prayed that I would meet someone that was good to me and would never bring anything bad to me.  Well, guess what I did and I am living with him every day.  Sometimes he gets on my last nerves but most of the times we pretty much get along in the best way  two people could get along.  He makes me a better person.  He is my best friend and I totally adore him.  I have never met any one remotely like him.  He is an inspiration to me and should be to many.  He is the type of person that may appear to be something else on the outside.  He is that type of person where you have to open the book to get its meaning.  He is fun, charming, handsome, lovable, caring, sincere, sensitive (in a good way), overpowering, strong, he's a role model, he is my husband.  If you know him than you know what I mean.  We met at an IHOP that I went into one day  looking for a better opportunity at the time.  I applied for the job and he ended up being my teacher.  He was nothing like what I thought.  He appeared to be any ordinary 20 something year old but oh how I was wrong.  The more I talked to him the more I got to know him and I am still getting to know him...after 8 years of being with him.  He is so far past ordinary it isn't even funny.  I try hard to keep up with him but boy is it hard.  This man that I talk of is such a GREAT part of my life.  I just wanted you all to know a little about this guy that I asked God to bring my way and without a doubt he has been everything I prayed for and then more.

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